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How To Use Online Color Picker Tool?

This free image color picker is simple to pick a color from images!

You can upload your own image or drag a picture to image box to generate a color palette. You also can choose an online random image to let the image color picker( also called: image color finder ) above select a color and get the HTML Color Code of this pixel. Also, you get the HEX color code, RGB, HSL, and HSV values.

It will automatically give you 6 distinct colors, as well as their hex code and name. Click or press on these colors to easily copy them!

The ColorPick Eyedropper is easy to use. Just move it around until you find the right color and save it as the seventh color in the palette.

Then, just as with the other colors, you can click or tap on any of the values given if you wish to duplicate them.

Custom configurations

Our color picker's various settings are at the bottom of the custom color container.

tool configurations

To start, you can choose to display the custom color in either HEX, RGB, HSL, or CMYK.

You can also change how much the image zooms when you use the eyedropper.

On the other side, you may pixelate the image as well.

pixelate image option

Choose any small and difficult color in your image with ease using this option.

We also have a color picker extension for Windows, Mac, Chrome, firefox, edge, and Opera. You can install it from this page.